‘Fruit of the vine’

For those of you who believe this biblical statement allows for the use of grape juice in the Lords Supper, would you as well believe it is ok to use these vine fruits in the supper if you wanted?

1) Kiwi.
2) Cranberry
3) Watermelon
4) Cantaloupe
5) Dragon Fruit
6) Passion Fruit
7) Honey Dew
8) Pumpkin.
9) Tomato.


Previous hx of alcoholism, allergy to components of wine.


Alcoholism: Are you a new creation in Christ? Is He that is in you greater than he that is in the world? Surely, there were believers in the initial stages of the church that were alcoholics. Do you see any mention of believers falling back into alcoholism after partaking in scripture? 

Allergy? This may fall under a ‘providential hinderance’. Do you see anyone in scripture where a believer had an allergic reaction to the elements? What about the present day ‘gluten free’ movement? Most people, based on studies I have read, are allergic to gluten; much of this is based on the fact that grain is not the same as it was in the days of the earlier church. The processes have been changed. The genetics have been tampered with….does that mean we cannot partake of bread that is offered w/ gluten? 

Food for thought; no pun intended.