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Coffee in, Pontification Out.

Janet Bushey October 16, 1933-September 8, 2018.

I will start with 2 digressions, before I begin: I am a born-again Christian I am a nurse by profession My life, given these positions, have been quite humbling. Two things have I learned from these two things; People die often and most people ignore this fact or hide from it. Taxes and death. In the movie, ‘Inside Man’, staring […]

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To be absent in the body….

My Mother, Janet G. Bushey (83), went home to be w/ her Lord this day 9/8/18 @ 1212 hrs. We […]

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The 7 churches

We are studying through the book of Revelation in our Sunday School class. In Rev 2:18, we come to the […]

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The church is akin to a coin

The church is akin to a coin; one side is the church local, i.e. the organized body of believers who […]

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Religion and tradition are not all bad….

2 Thessalonians 2:15 15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, […]

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How did the Apostles die?

Paul, Apostle number 13, was beheaded, possibly in A.D. 67 under the reign of Nero. 2 Tim 4:6-8  “For I […]

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A bit on John the Baptist

John, the baptist??? Matt. 3:1   Now in those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the wilderness of Judea, saying,  […]

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Wash em…

John 13:5 5 After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe […]

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Fulgentius on the meaning of “all men” whom God desires to save-D.T. King

Fulgentius, an early church writer, north African bishop, and disciple of Augustine, explains the meaning of God’s will to save […]

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“I don’t need to confess my sin”

Confession of Sin Argument: “I am forgiven already, by Christ’s work-I don’t need to confess any sin any longer. If […]

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