List of Various heresies in the Church
Abortionism The belief that Abortion is not a sin

Adoptionism The belief Jesus is not eternally God but became God sometime after His birth

Antinomianism The belief that Christians are not bound by God’s law and are free to sin as they please

Anti-Paulism The belief that the Apostle Paul was a heretic and that the books he wrote are not a part of Biblical Canon

Arianism The belief that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not persons of the Godhead but instead later creations of God the Father

Behavioral Heresy Unrepentant sin that proves one is not a member of the Body of Christ

Christian Deism The belief that God does not intervene in or interact with the world

Dual Covenant Theology The belief that Jews can still be saved without believing in Jesus

Inclusivism The belief that faith is not necessary for salvation

Kenosis The belief that Jesus ceased to be divine while on Earth

Liberalism The belief that Scripture is not inerrant or infallible (Not to be confused with the political system of the same name)

Limited Theism The belief that God’s powers are or can be limited and He is not All-Powerful

Macedonianism The belief that God the Holy Spirit is not a member of the Godhead but merely a creation of God

Manichaeism The belief that good and evil are both equally powerful in ability and/or authority

Matriatheism* The belief that there is a member of the Godhead who is a mother goddess

Modalism The belief that the members of the Trinity are not three distinct persons but three different aspects of the same person

Montanism The belief that the Bible is either insufficient or incomplete, and that new revelation from God is being regularly given

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism – the new Amaerica Religion

Neinauferstehungism The denial of the resurrection

Neo-Orthodoxy The belief that the Bible is not the Inspired Word of God unless it is being read by a believer

Nonnatarianism* The belief that there are 9 members of the Godhead

Open Theism The belief that God is not omniscient and doesn’t know the future

Papal Primacy The belief that the Pope is the head of the Church while it is on Earth as well as the vicar of Christ

Partialism The belief that each member of the Trinity is 1/3 of God rather than being fully God

Pelagianism The belief that human nature is untainted by the Fall of Man and is not corrupted with Original Sin

Pluralism The belief that two or more religions can be true at one time

Positive Thinking The belief that your thoughts have the God-like ability to create your reality

Prosperity Gospel The belief that the promises of the Gospel include good physical health and Earthly wealth

Progressive Christianity – a post-modern theological approach, a revisionist view of the Scriptures, with a strong focus on social justice and an over-emphasis on politics. Rooted in Liberal Christianity of the modern-era.

Pullumism* The belief that God is a literal chicken

Rauschenbuschism (the social gospel) The belief that the point of the Gospel is to be the cure for social issues rather than the forgiveness of sins

Renatism* The belief that Jesus was born again

Trinitarian Heresies List of major heresies which deny the biblical teaching on the Trinity

Tritheism The belief that the Godhead is actually three separate gods

Universalism The belief that everyone will go to Heaven

Vinism The belief that homosexuality is not a sin

Word of Faith The belief that human words have the God-like power to create or destroy

Works Righteousness The belief that we are saved by works or a combination of faith and works rather than by faith alone

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