Outline for FPC resource page


  • The Gospel
  • Grace
  • The Bible
  • Discipleship
  • Theology
  • Covenant Theology
  • Doctrine
  • The Church
  • Worship
  • Prayer

The above categories will be the main page table of contents

The following is an example of how topics will be nested in the table of contents (Table of contents in Red); This is just a rough sketch. Most all of the categories will have multiple items on the subject matter nested within the main subject.

The Gospel
1) The Man, Christ Jesus
2) What is the Gospel?
2) How can I be saved?
3) What is biblical repentance?
4) There is only 1 truth!

1) What exactly is Grace?
2) That’s seems too simple!

The Bible
1) Who wrote the bible?
2) Is the bible trustworthy?
3) Translations?
4) Original languages, i.e. Greek and Hebrew

1) Who and what is a disciple?
2) Who is responsible to disciple me?
3) How can I be take advantage of discipling and as well being discipled?
4) Our Christian Walk
5) Sanctification

Why is theology important?
1) Theology Proper
2) Bibliology
3) Christology
4) Pneumatology
5) Soteriology
6) Eschatology
7) Sacramentolgy

Covenant Theology
1) What is Covenant Theology?
2) What are the covenants?
3) How do I apply Covenant theology in my life

1) What exactly is doctrine?
2) Why is doctrine important?

1) What is the church?
2) Who is the church?
3) What is polity?
4) Why is polity important to us?

1) What exactly does ‘worship’ mean?
2) What does the bible say of worship?
3) Worship is vertical!
4) What is this term I often hear? The ‘means of grace’.
a) Preaching
b) The Lords Supper

•Historic Documents, Creeds and Confessions
1) Our church is a confessional church!
2) Why are creeds and confessions important?

Extra-biblical resources
1) Why would I ever need to use extra-biblical resources?
2) Is it ok that I use resources that are not necessarily Christian?