Baptism-arguments from both sides of the fence
Defending Reformed Paedo-Baptism

A.A. Hodge. The Confession of Faith (See his commentary on chapters 25 and 28 of the WCF)

B.B. Warfield. The Polemics of Infant Baptism.

Brian Schwertley. The Sacraments and Paedocommunion: A Biblical Examination.

Charles Hodge. The Subjects of Baptism (from his Systematic Theology)

Dennis Johnson. Infant Baptism: How My Mind Has Changed.

Fowler White. The Last Adam and His Seed.

Francis Nigel Lee. Sprinkling Is Scriptural.

Gregg Strawbridge. Infant Baptism: Does the Bible Teach It?

Grover Gunn. The Mode of Baptism.

James W. Scott. The Biblical Basis for Infant Baptism.

Jason A. Van Bemmel. Children of the Covenant.

Jason Wallace. An Open Letter on Infant Baptism.

NOTE: Rev. Jason Wallace’s article/letter is one of the first I have read defending the historic Reformed view. He deals with the meaning, mode and subjects of baptism. His is a good place to start your study.​

J. Ligon Duncan. The Abrahamic Covenant – Signs and Implications and The Reformed Doctrine of Baptism & New Testament Practice.

John Battle. Mode of Baptism.

John Calvin. Institutes of the Christian Religion, 4:16 on Infant Baptism.

John Murray. The Mode of Baptism.

John Owen. Of Infant Baptism.

Kim Riddlebarger. Lectures on the Sacraments (based on Meredith Kline’s By Oath Consigned).

Larry Wilson. Why Does the Orthodox Presbyterian Church Baptize Infants.

Lee Irons. The Oikos Formula (based on Joachim Jeremias’ The Origins of Infant Baptism: A Further Study in Reply to Kurt Aland).

Louis Berkhof. Baptism (from his Systematic Theology).

Peter Edwards. Candid Reasons For Renouncing the Principles of Anti-Paedobaptism (book).

Peter P. Sandford. Christian Baptism: A Discourse of Acts 2:38, 39.

R. Scott Clark. A Contemporary Reformed Defense of Infant BaptismAbraham, Moses and Baptism and Ishmael and Infant Baptism.

Samuel Miller. Infant Baptism: Scriptural and Reasonable (book).

William MacIntyre. The Token of the Covenant (book).

William Shishko. A Better Case for Infant Baptism and Is Immersion Necessary for Baptism? 

William Shishko. Studies on Baptism (audio).​

Defending the Covenantal Baptist View [a]

Abraham Booth. Paedobaptism Examined.

Charles Spurgeon. Baptism.

David Kingdon. John the Baptist – The Silence that Breaks the Silence.

Doug Van Dorn. Baptism: My Views Explained.

Erroll Hulse. Scriptural Baptism.

Fred Malone. A String of Pearls UnstrungInfant Baptism and the Regulative Principle of Worship and The Covenantal Baptist Position Briefly Stated.

Fred Malone. Series on God’s Covenants (audio sermon series).

Fred Zaspel. A Brief Analysis of the Presbyterian/Reformed View of Baptism.

Greg Welty. A Critical Evaluation of Paedobaptism and From Circumcision to Baptism: A Covenantal Rejoinder to Calvin.

Harold Chase. Sermons on Baptism (Audio).

James White. Paul Owen, Once Again and The Newness of the New Covenant: Better Covenant, Better Mediator, Better Sacrifice, Better Ministry, Better Hope

Jason Robertson. Are Paedobaptists Just Mixed Up? 

John Dagg. Manual of Church Order, Volume II (Chapter 1: Baptism and Chapter 4: Infant Membership).

John Gill. A Profession of Faith in the Gospel (sermon series).

John Piper. How Do Circumcision and Baptism Correspond?Infant Baptism and the New Covenant Community and Series on Christian Baptism(four sermons)

John G. Reisinger. An Exposition of Acts 2:39 and Infant Baptism.

John T. Christian. Did They Dip? (book).

John Tombes. A Short Catechism on Baptism.

Mike Renihan. John Tombes on Genesis 17:7.

Milo P. Jewett. The Mode and Subjects of Baptism (book).

Poh Boon Sing. Biblical Baptism Series (based on Fred Malone’s The Baptism of Disciples Alone).

Richard C. Barcellos. An Exegetical Appraisal of Colossians 2:11-12 and Paedoism or Credoism?

Richard Furman. The Children of Church Members.

Robert Gonzales. A Credo-Baptist Exposition and Application of John 1:12-13.

Robert Martin. The Second London Confession on Baptism (Part II): The Proper Subjects of Christian Baptism.

Note: Dr. Robert Martin’s article provides a concise yet comprehensive defense of the Reformed Baptist view. Here is another good place to start for study.​

Stan Reeves. A Reformed Baptist View of 1 Cor. 7:14 and FAQ on the Reformed Baptist View of Baptism.

Stephen Wellum. Baptism and the Relationship between the Covenants.

Thomas Patient. The Doctrine of Baptism And the Distinction of the Covenants (book).

Timothy George. Believer’s Baptism: More than American Individualism.

Timothy J. Etherington. To Thee and Thy Seed: A Critical Review of Paedobaptism.

Tom Nettles. Baptists and the Ordinances.

Trinity Baptist Church. The Doctrine of Christian Baptism: Trinity Baptist Church Discipleship Training.

Walter Chantry. Baptism and Covenant Theology.

William O. Einwechter. Lecture Notes on Baptism.

William Payne. The Abrahamic Covenant and Baptism.

W.J. Seaton. An Introduction to Christian Baptism.

W.T. Brantly. The Covenant of Circumcision: No Just Plea for Infant Baptism. ​


[a] Fred Zaspel, John Reisinger and John Piper’s theological distinctives are notReformed Baptist. In other words, they do not hold to all of the teachings of the 1689 LBCF. But they approach the subject of baptism from a covenantal rather than a dispensational perspective. On this, their articles are extremely helpful.

Be sure to check the debates on this subject also.


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