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John 5:39 You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.

Acts 17:10   Then the brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea. When they arrived, they went into the synagogue of the Jews.  11 These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.

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The Gospel

1) The Man, Christ Jesus
2) What is the Gospel?
3) How can I be saved?
4) What is biblical repentance?
5) What is truth?
6) Christ’s First Gospel Sermon by B. Schwertley

7) Jesus; The Way, the Truth and the Life by B. Schwertley



Repentance” – Arthur W. Pink
I Can’t Repent” – Ichabod S. Spenser
Phoney Repentance, Abundant Mercy” – Roger Ellsworth
Conviction for Sin” – Gardiner Spring
The Difference Between True and Counterfeit Repentance” – John Colquhoun
The Fruits and Evidences of True Repentance” – John Colquhoun
Thomas Hooker and the Doctrine of Conversion” – Iain Murray
Irresistible Grace” – John Murray
Irresistible Grace” – Rev. Gordon Girod
Efficacious Grace” – Loraine Boettner
Arminian Errors” – Rev. William MacLean
The Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney” – Michael Horton
Myth of Free Will” – Walter Chantry
God’s Sovereignty and the Human Will” – A. W. Pink
Experimental Salvation” – A. W. Pink
Arminianism: The Golden Idol of Free-will” – Augustus Toplady
Do you REALLY Believe that Salvation is by Grace Alone?” – Jeffrey C. Nesbitt
Lordship Salvation: Biblical or Heretical?” – William Webster
To Die is Gain” – Thomas Brooks
The Method of Salvation Through Jesus Christ” – Samuel Davies
The Call that Brings a Response” – Paul Helm
The Fall of Peter” – F.W. Krummacher
Kept by the Power of God” – William Romaine
Adoption” – John Murray
Faith and Assurance” – J.C. Ryle
True and False Assurance” – Thomas Brooks
How We May Know We are Born of God” – B.B. Caldwell
The Fear of Emotional Religion” – Norman H. Street
The Everlasting Covenant” – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
The Almost Christian” – George Whitefield
Salvation by Grace” – Loraine Boettner
Everyman Must be a Theologian” – John H. Gerstner
To Come to Christ is not Man’s Willing or Running” – Wylie Fulton
Salvation – I Can Write On No Other Theme” – Wylie Fulton [Series]
Few Saved!” – J.C. Ryle
Living or Dead?” – J.C. Ryle
Infant Salvation” – Robert E. Davis
Chosen by God by B. Schwertley
Man’s need of Salvation by B. Schwertley
The Great Commission by B. Schwertley



1) What exactly is Grace?
2) Irresistible Grace
3) Saved By Grace
4) God’s Sovereign Elective Grace
5) That’s seems too simple!


The Bible

1) Who wrote the bible?
2) Is the bible trustworthy?
3) Translations?
4) Original languages, i.e. Greek and Hebrew
5) The Battle For The Bible
6) The Infallibility of Holy Scripture



1) Who and what is a disciple?
2) Who is responsible to disciple me?
3) How can I be take advantage of discipling and as well being discipled?
4) Our Christian Walk
5) Sanctification



 Why is theology important?

1) Theology Proper
2) Bibliology
3) Christology
4) Pneumatology

The Work of the Holy Spirit: In Our Salvation I” – Thomas Goodwin
The Work of the Holy Spirit: In Our Salvation II” – Thomas Goodwin
The Deity and Procession the Holy Spirit” – George Smeaton
The Holy Spirit” – Edwin H. Palmer
The New Genesis” – Dr. R.C. Sproul
The Evidences of Regeneration” – C.R. Vaughan
Calling and Repentance” – Abraham Kuyper
The Work of the Spirit as the Spirit of Prayer” – James Buchanan
The Work of the Spirit in Enlightening the Mind” – James Buchanan
The Deity of the Holy Spirit” – George Smeaton
The Authority of the Holy Spirit” – DM Lloyd-Jones
How are Believers Guided into ‘All Truth’?” – John Owen
Spiritual Illumination Proved From Scripture” – John Owen
John Owen on The Spirit in the Life of Christ” – Sinclair Ferguson

5) Soteriology
6) Eschatology
7) Sacramentology


Covenant Theology

1) What is Covenant Theology?
2) What are the covenants?
3) How do I apply Covenant theology in my life



1) What exactly is doctrine?
2) Why is doctrine important?



A Diagnosis” – Thomas Adams
The Government of God” – Robin Arnaud
Heresies of the Apostolic Age” – William Cunningham
” The Title: The Church” – John Calvin
The Medicine of Laughter: Spurgeon’s Humor” – Larry Michael
Unity, Diversity and Division” – R.B. Kuiper
The Problem of the Eldership and its Wider Implications” – Iain Murray
What is Christian Union?” – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
The Reformed Pastor and Ecumenism” – Cornelius VanTil
Ministerial Pride” – Richard Baxter
Choosing a Church” – Daniel Wray
The Checkered State of the Gospel Church” – Samuel Willard
The Fallibility of Ministers” – J.C. Ryle
A Diagnosis” – Thomas Adams
The Principles of the Second Reformation” – Andrew Symington


1) The Church
Why Join a Church?
) What is polity?
  a) See section below on Presbyterianism|

4) Why is polity important to us?
  a) See section below on Presbyterianism
5) The Bride
The Church Today and the Reformation Church
The Marks of the True Church

8) Is the Church a New Testament Phenomenon?
Swimming Upstream
Church Discipline
11) Bannerman on Schism in the church
12) The End Times
   a) The Antichrist
13) Occasional Hearing; Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?14) Church Membership



1) What is Worship?
2) What is this term I often hear? The ‘means of grace’.
a) Preaching-see above link
b) The Lords Supper-see above link
5) Public Worship and the Reformed Faith
6) Public Worship to be Preferred before Private
7) When the bell rings
8) Worship Wars
9) The Scriptural Regulative Principle of Worship by G. I. Williamson
10) The Sabbath/Lord’s day are not at odds with each other
11) A Treatise on the Regulative Principle of Worship
12) The Regulative Principle of Worship by Greg Price
13) The OPC on ‘Song in the Public Worship of God’.
14) Idol Worship
15) The Regulative Principle by C. Matthew McMahon
16) Private and Family Worship
17) The Elements of Worship
18) More on the Regulative Principle of Worship
19) The Regulative Principle Applied to Church Government by Thornwell



1) Kingdoms in Conflict 
2) In Jesus’ Name 
3) For Thine is the Kingdom
4) Our Daily Bread 
5) The Real Prayer of Jabez 
6) Forgive Us Our Trespasses
7) Prayer and Its Discontents 
8) Kingdom Prayer 
9) Our Father


Historic Documents, Creeds and Confessions

1) Our church is a confessional church!
2) Why are creeds and confessions important?
a) Creeds and why we need them by A. A. Hodge
b) In Defense of Creedalism by Ken Gentry
c) How to Love Confessionalists by Lane Keister
d) What is Catechism by Z. Ursinus
e) Creeds and Confessions – A.A. Hodge
f) Brief Confession of Faith – John Calvin
g) Creeds and Standards: Their Significance and Functions – G.H. Hospers
h) In Defense of Creedalism – Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr
i) A Plea For Creeds – Ron Hanko
j) Human Authority in Religion Condemned – John Brown
k) Is Doctrine Necessary?– Michael Bremmer
l) Absolute Necessity of Sound Doctrine – R.K. McGregor Wright
m)The Creeds and Doctrinal Advance – Gresham Machen
n) The Making of the Westminster Larger Catechism– Chad Van Dixhoorn
o) The Legitimacy and Use of Confessions of Faith – Paul Martin

The Belgic Confession

The Second Helvetic Confession

The Definition of the Council of Chalcedon (451 A.D.)

The Reformers on Who is the Antichrist

Luther’s 95 Theses

The Westminster Confession of Faith

The Sum of Saving Knowledge

The Directory for the Publick Worship of God

List of the Westminster Divines

Heidelberg Catechism

Apostle’s Creed

A few differences in emphasis, structure, and content

Westminster Larger Catechism

Westminster Shorter Catechism

The Solemn League and Covenant

Synod of Dordt


Extra-biblical resources

1) Why would I ever need to use extra-biblical resources?
2) Is it ok that I use resources that are not necessarily Christian?



1) What is a biblical family
2) The Husband and The Wife
3) Children
4) Marriage
5) Family Worship



1) What is Presbyterianism by Charles Hodge
2) A Credo hermeneutic vs a Presbyterian one
3) Various quotes on 1 Cor 7:14
4) Paedobaptism
5) Quotes on behalf of Presuming on your covenant child
7) Presbyterian Federal Holiness
8) The Apostolic Church Which Is It? by Dr. Thomas Witherow
9) Broad Churchism by Dabney
10) Can Baptists Be Reformed? Is this a contradiction in terms?
11) Zacharias Ursinus (1534-1583) on Infant Baptism and Circumcision
12) An outline on the Distinctives of Presbyterianism


The Law of God

The marrow of Modern Divinity by E. Fisher
Ethics; The law of God
The Threefold Use of the Law by RC Sproul
Calvin on the Law by N. LeeThe Law Renders Us Inexcusable by J. Calvin
Freedom from the Bondage of the law by J. Calvin


The Sola’s 

Sola Scriptura by K. Mathison
A Critique of Sola Scriptura by K. Mathison
Tota Scriptura by RC Sproul
Is Sola Scriptura in the Bible? by RC Sproul
The Concept and Importance of Canonicity by G. Bahnsen
Is Sola Scriptura a Protestant Concoction? by G. Bahnsen
The Bible The Book of Mankind” – B.B. Warfield
The Transmission of the Scriptures” – John H. Skilton
The Formation of the Canon of the New Testament” – B.B. Warfield
God-Inspired Scripture” – B.B. Warfield
Divine Origin and Unique Character of  the Holy Scriptures” – Gerrit Hospers
The Doctrine of Inspiration” – G.H. Hospers
Calvin’s Doctrine of Scripture” – John Murray
The Inspiration and Authority of Holy Scripture” – Herman Ridderbos
A Brief History of Divine Revelation” – Fred G. Zaspel
The Authority of Scripture” – William Webster
The Authority of Scripture” – Dr. John H. Armstrong
The Authority of Scripture” – Rev. Paul Cook
Freedom and Authority” – Dr. J. I. Packer
The Rule of Faith and Practice” – A. A. Hodge
The Relevancy of Scripture” – Paul Woolley
Our Lord’s View of the Old Testament” – J. W. Wenham
What Do We Mean by Sola Scriptura” – Dr. W. Robert Godfrey
It is Written: Sola Scriptura” – Richard Bennett
Sola Scriptura and the Church” – William Webster
Scripture” – John Jewel
The Human Writers of the Scripture” – E. J. Young
‘True’ and ‘Truth’ in the Johannine Writings” – Geerhardus Vos
The Study of the Word” – Elnathan Parr
The Interpretation of Scripture” – J.I. Packer
A Critique of the Evangelical Doctrine of Solo Scriptura” – Keith A. Mathison
Biblical Inerrancy” – John H. Gerstner
Is the Bible the Word of God?” – J. Gresham Machen
Difficulties in Scripture” – John Calvin
The Speaking Voice” – A.W. Tozer
Does God Speak Today Apart from the Bible?” – Dr. R. Fowler White
Spiritual Illumination Proved From Scripture” – John Owen
What is the Word of God?” – Louis Berkhof
Heresies” – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
The Doctrine of Scripture Today” – Hywel Jones [Booklet]
Induction and Deduction with Reference to Inspiration” – Dr. Roger Nicole



1) It’s just a flower!


The Sacraments

1) Baptism
a) George Gillespie On Infant-Baptisme.
b) Thomas Shepard’s The Church Membership of Children, and Their Right to Baptism, According to that Holy and Everlasting Covenant of God
c) Samuel Stanhope Smith’s Discourse on the Nature, the Proper Subjects, and the Benefits of Baptism

d) Samuel Miller’s Appendix on Waldenses no Anabaptists, but Presbyterians.
e) Various quotes on 1 Cor 7:14
f) Paedobaptism
g) Quotes on behalf of Presuming on your covenant child
h) Baptism as a sacrament of the covenant
i) The Sacraments: Baptism – A. A. Hodge
j) The Polemics of Infant Baptism” – B. B. Warfield
k) The Sacramental Principle: Infant Baptism – William Cunningham
l) The Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism – Pierre Ch. Marcel
n) The Mode of Baptism – John Murray
o) The Token of the Covenant – Rev. William MacIntyre
p) The Means of Grace: Baptism– Stephen Wellum
q) Debate on ‘Infant Baptism’ – Dr. Robert B. Strimple vs. Dr. Fred Malone – WSC
r) Infant Baptism – Part I
s) Infant Baptism – Part II
t) Infant Baptism – Part III
u) The Ministry of the Word and Sacraments – John Calvin
v) The Lord’s Supper – John Calvin
w) Short Treatise on the Lord’s Supper – John Calvin
x) The Means of Grace: the Lord’s Supper – R. Scott Clark
y) Paedocommunion: A Biblical Examination – Brian Schwertley


2) The Lord’s Supper

  1. a) John Brown’s (of Edinburgh) Article on the Holy Communion.
    b)  Bowden’s Debarring and Inviting Service for the Lord’s Supper.
    c) What Makes Something a Sacrament?

    d) The Lord’s Supper
    e) The Sacraments


Calvinism-what is it?

The Fundamental Principle of Calvinism” – H. Henry Meeter
The Place of Faith in the Calvinistic System” – H. Hentry Meeter
The Practical Implications of Calvinism” – Albert N. Martin
What is the Reformed Faith
A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith” – B.B. Warfield
The Origins of Calvinism” – Joel Beeke
A Comparison of Systems” – A.A. Hodge
A Defense of Reformed (biblical) Apologetics” – Cornelius VanTil
God’s Providence” – James Montgomery Boice
The Five Points of Calvinism” – W.J. Seaton
The Five Points of Calvinism” – Robert L. Dabney
How Many Points?” – Richard A. Muller
Doctrines of Grace
The Deeper Faith” (an Exposition of the Canons of Dordt) – Rev. Gordon Girod [Book]
Who was Arminius?” – Dr. Robert Godfrey
The Arminian Controversy” – William Cunningham
Calvinism… the Truth (Arminianism the Lie)” – Robert C. Harbach
“The Reformed Faith and Arminianism” – John Murray
*Part I
*Part II
*Part III
Arminianism Exposed” – Rev. Mark Herzer
Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism” – John L. Girardeau
An Antidote to Arminianism” – Christopher Ness [Book]
Truth and Error” – Horatius Bonar [Series]
The Covenant of Grace” – John Murray
The Covenant of Grace” – Rev. G. H. Kersten
Covenant of Grace or Plan of Redemption” – Archibald Alexander
Natural Theology” – John Preston
Was Geneva a Theocracy” – Michael Horton
The Truth About Calvin and Servetus” – Loraine Boettner
The Reformed View of Education” – Cornelius Van Til
Teaching” – Noel Weeks
Theology for Everyman” – John H. Gerstner [Book]



The Piety of John Calvin” – Ford Lewis Battles
Calvin as a Theologian and Calvinism Today” – B.B. Warfield
Idelette de Bure – Wife of Calvin” – J.H. Alexander
Katherine von Bora – Wife of Luther” – J.H. Alexander
Majorie Bowes – Wife of Knox” – J.H. Alexander
The ‘Uncommon’ Sarah Edwards” – Camille Van Buren
The Martyrdom of Thomas Hawkes
Hugh Latimer – Apostle of England
Remembering the Christian Martyrs of the Church: Living Witnesses of the Past” – Dr. Jack Sin
Why Were Our Reformers Burned?” – J.C. Ryle


Glossary of Reformed Acronyms

3FU. Three Forms of Unity
AAPC. Auburn Avenue Pastor´s Conference
ACE. Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
APC. Associated Presbyterian Churches
APM. A Puritan´s Mind
ARC. American Reformed Church
ARP. Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
AV. Authorized Version (same as KJV)
BCF. Belgic Confession of Faith
BCO. Book of Church Order
BoT. Banner of Truth
BPC. Bible Presbyterian Church
BPS. Book of Psalms for Singing
BT. Biblical Theology
CARPC. Covenanting Association of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches
CCCC. Conservative Christian Congregational Conference
CoG. Covenant of Grace
CoR. Covenant of Redemption
CoW. Covenant of Works
CRE. Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals
CRC. Christian Reformed Church
CRPC. Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church
CT. Covenant Theology. Critical Text.
CTS. Covenant Theological Seminary
DOG. Doctrines of Grace
EP. Exclusive Psalmody
EPCA. Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia
ERPC. Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church
ESV. English Standard Version
ERQ. Eglise Reformee du Quebec (Reformed Church of Quebec)
FCS. Free Church of Scotland
FCSC. Free Church of Scotland, Continuing
FOG. Form of Government
FPCNA. Free Presbyterian Church of North America
FPCU. Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster
FRC. Free Reformed Church
FRCNA. Free Reformed Churches of North America
FV. Federal Vision
GPTS. Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
GSB. Geneva Study Bible
HNRC. Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregations.
KJV. King James Version
KTS. Knox Theological Seminary
LBCF. London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)
MERF. Middle East Reformed Fellowship
MT. Majority Text
NAPARC. North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council
NCT. New Covenant Theology
NGSB. New Geneva Study Bible
NIV. New International Versions
NKJV. New King James Version
NPP. New Perspective on Paul
NRC. Netherlands Reformed Church
OCRC. Orthodox Christian Reformed Church
OPC. Orthodox Presbyterian Church
PB. Puritan Board
PCA. Presbyterian Church in America
PCUSA. Presbyterian Church, United States of America
PDM. Psalms of David in Metre
PRC. Protestant Reformed Church. Presbyterian Reformed Church.
PRTS. Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary. Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.
RCA. Reformed Church in America
RCC. Roman Catholic Church
RCJ. Reformed Church of Japan
RCM. Reformation Christian Ministries
RCSS. R.C. Sproul, Sr.
RCSJ. R.C. Sproul, Jr.
RCUS. Reformed Church in the United States
RE. Ruling Elder
REC. Reformed Episcopal Church
RES. Reformed Episcopal Seminary
RPCA. Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia
RPCGA. Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Assembly
RPCHP. Reformed Presbyterian Church (Hanover Presbytery)
RPCNA. Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
RPCS. Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland
RPCUS. Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States
RPTS. Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
RPW. Regulative Principle of Worship
RSV. Revised Standard Version
RT. Received Text
RTS. Reformed Theological Seminary
RUF. Reformed University Fellowship
RV1960. Riena Valera 1960
SBC. Southern Baptist Conference
SDG. Solo Deo Gloria
ST. Systematic Theology
SWRB. Still Water Revival Books
TE. Teaching Elder
TNARS. The North American Reformed Seminary
TR. Textus Receptus. Truly Reformed
TT. TableTalk
TULIP. Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Perseverance of the Saints. (The 5 Points of Calvinism)
URC. United Reformed Church
URCNA. United Reformed Church of North America (same as URC)
VT. Van Til
WCF. Westminster Confession of Faith
WHI. White Horse Inn
WLC. Westminster Larger Catechism
WRS. Western Reformed Seminary
WSC. Westminster Shorter Catechism. Westminster Seminary, California.
WTS. Westminster Theological Seminary. Whitefield Theological Seminary.


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