Nicholas Bownd on ‘Acts of Mercy and Necessity’.

The doctrine of Act’s of Mercy is often abused, especially in our age. Consider the doctrine some 100 years ago and how it would have been applied. In our age, we have been corralled into working within the confines of our culture. In America, most work six days a week. In many instances, the wife works also. The culture in America has forced it’s people to slave over labors. In this, the doctrine has been redefined to fit our personal needs. Most people call any work done on the sabbath day an act of mercy, secondarily to the idea that if they had any choice, they would prefer not to work on the 1st day of the week. Preference has usurped the actual command and definition.

Taken from the book: The True Doctrine of the Sabbath

used w/ permission from Naphtali Press/Chris Coldwell-(c) 2015 Chris Coldwell


I do not often quote Roman instruction on doctrine as they have their issues, obviously; however, this is quite good on the subject of ‘Act’s of Mercy’: