If a group of believers meet at a local Starbucks over coffee and biblical discussion. Is it the invisible church meeting? We know that the above is not the local expression gathering, but what of the invisible? Isn’t the invisible all believers over time? Yes it is; however: Lets say that these believers are not attending a local church-they have decided that the local expression is corrupt, so they decide to meet like this, as the invisible distinction. This is a flawed understanding of the church. How does one receive the supper? How can one hear preaching unless an ordained man, called of God preaches to them? Who is looking over your soul? Where is your *submission? How does one implement discipline? Taking into consideration that there is such a thing as *providential hinderance and for various reasons men cannot attend locally-but this is generally for a short season until they find a local setting; One cannot be part of the invisible if one is not part of the visible. So, unless you are providentially hindered, you need to be in a local church, else your meetings at Starbucks is NOT endorsed by Gods word nor Christ. To think otherwise is sinful! *Providential hinderance is not open to various or personal interpretations. Your previous church setting and leadership will define that for you. *Some men like to believe they submit but only until it hurts and then they reject submission. They have redefined submission.