The Book of Psalms was penned by David, Asaph, Moses and others, and in several ages and states of the church, and were appointed to be sung then, for the present state of the church in those days. It may therefore be demanded: Why then do we sing them now in our churches? The answer is: the church in all ages consists of a number of believers, and the faith is always one, and makes all that apprehend God’s promises to be alike to one another in grace, in meditations, in dispositions, in affections, in desires, in spiritual wants, in the feeling and use of afflictions, in course and conversation of life, and in performance of duties to God and man; and therefore the same psalms, prayers and meditations, are now as fit for the church in these days, and are said and sung with the same use and profit, as in the church in those days when they were first made.