Can numbers, in and of themselves, be sinful? If not, how is it that a musical note can? I would imagine, based on superstition, that the numbers 666 can be seen as evil erroneously in the regenerates life; in the same way, sampling a string of beats used in an idol worship can be mistaken in the same fashion. Is it redeemable at all? Can the believer take a certain genre and use it to the glory of God?

Does God have a preference in regards to what notes of music He prefers? What about numbers? Colors? You get the point.

Music is the transporting device of a message, solely. My voice is useless unless it carries a discernable message. For instance, a scream can be pleasurable or a cry for help. Inflection and circumstance is the discernable item.

The distinction needs to be made in regards to the regulative Principle of Worship and healthy entertainment; I would never feel comfortable with rap music in official worship, but that may be inconsistent for some. If I hold to the Psalms only in worship, it would obviously be a break in the RPW. For those who do not have the conviction on the Psalms, it may not be. This is problematic in that if one allows for things other than the Psalms, they are letting the barn door swing wide open in regards to what music is allowed in worship. Where does that end? The Psalms and God’s word are a safety net-see it as prudence alone.

Is all magic evil? Should believers ever watch David Copperfield because the bible warns of witchcraft and divination? Is Copperfield attempting to conjure up evil in his treatment? Is it irrelevant what is at the root of the magic Copperfield performs? This ┬ámay eventually beg the question: Can one actually redeem Christmas or Halloween? Some of us would say that a believer cannot redeem Christmas as it is fully pagan in it’s history. If rap music has it’s roots in paganism, must we apply the same treatment in all things? These are good thoughts and surely worthy of continued discussions.

I believe it important to note that I am not a fan of Rap music or hip hop, per se. I do appreciate the art itself, but would not actually buy a collection of ‘Rap’ for my own. I speak out on behalf of those who do like it and against those who condemn it erroneously.

Here is a recent synod of sorts on the matter of rap music. Since rap music originates in the black community, it is strange to me that those not considered ‘of color’ are actually speaking on the subject.