John Murray and William Young’s conclusions in the Minority Report to the 1947 OPC GA on Song in Worship:

“On the basis of these studies the minority respectfully submits to the Fourteenth General Assembly the following co

1. There is no warrant in Scripture for the use of uninspired human compositions in the singing of God’s praise in public worship.

2. There is explicit authority for the use of inspired songs.

3. The songs of divine worship must therefore be limited to the songs of Scripture, for they alone are inspired.

4. The Book of Psalms does provide us with the kind of compositions for which we have the authority of Scripture.

5. We are therefore certain of divine sanction and approval in the singing of the Psalms.

6. We are not certain that other inspired songs were intended to be sung in the worship of God, even though the use of other inspired songs does not violate the fundamental principle on which Scripture authorization is explicit, namely, the use of inspired songs.

7. In view of uncertainty with respect to the use of other inspired songs, we should confine ourselves to the Book of Psalms.

Respectfully submitted,
John Murray
William Young”