“When we see men so malicious and wicked as to lift themselves up against God and to seek all means possible to pervert and corrupt the truth, is it fitting for us to be slothful then? No. We see today how the Pope has many seducers which seek nothing but to slander all good doctrine and to falsify all that ever we allege in the name of God. Yes, and we need not go so far, for we see malicious heads everywhere and underlings of Satan which poison things and desire nothing but to turn everything upside-down. Now when we see the devil working that way to overthrow the things that are good to edify the Church and that men are so poisoned against them, should we hold our peace? Should we not resist them stoutly as much as we can? Yes, certainly. Or else we would be cowards, yes, and it would be imputed to us for high treason if we should allow God’s truth to be so defaced and we not maintain it.”
– Jean Calvin from his 73rd sermon on the Book of Job