Coffee in, pontification out:

Do the math: Over the past week, what is your mind stayed upon? What percentage have you invested in these hours that are holy? Is it on Sports, movies, novels, your family, employment or enjoyment? God should maintain the center of all you are. If any of these things dominate your heart, you have dethroned Christ and have placed these novelties in a place where they should not be.

The believer is constantly looking for the reservoir of life; like the deer that panteth after the water that can only refresh. Those that are unregenerate look for those things that are temporary. They deceive, ultimately lying to self. They supersede that which is true. They give instantaneous pleasure but deny eternal.

This idea must be considered. If you are not possessed by the things of God, if they do not rule in your life, there is a problem. God does not grade on curves. It is either all of Christ or none! This is not to say that believers do not have other thoughts and desires from time to time-surely they do. However, never do these things supersede the preeminnece that rules their hearts and actions; all other things, outside of the holiness only God can give, demands it’s perfect place. Never do they wrestle for position. Since God is sovereign and we are the created, made in the image of God, if God changes your heart, it is Christ who sits on the throne of the regenerates heart, always ruling and reigning-in all things, second by second.