Are you a believer that is independent of Christ’s overseers? Consider the scriptures in regard to the distinction between the local church and the universal church. All believers should be attached locally. Too disregard submitting to Christ’s overseers is to disregard Christ’s Lordship in your life. No believer should ever be without oversight. When one receives the supper, it is being passed by the local elders of a particular church who will be held accountable with a greater accountability than you or I. Consider that the universal church does not distribute the sacraments; it happens at the local level. Consider church discipline; how could one be taken up on sinful charges if you have not submitted to membership in a local assembly. One cannot be excommunicated from a thing they are not communicated with. Independency is at odds with the word of God, either in polity or singularly. There are no islands in the Christian walk.