Circus elephants and puppet shows:

In regard to the worship of God; you either fall under the normative or regulative principle of worship. If regulative, you position yourself under the idea that whatever is commanded by God, that you do and only that. In the normative approach, all is allowed as long as it is not specifically condemned in the pages of scripture.

As an example, in the regulative idea, you are exclusive to Psalm singing, wine in the Lord’s supper, a strict sabbath keeping, to name just a few items. In the normative, any type of music as long as it is biblically sound; grape juice can be used in the supper as it is ‘fruit of the vine’, ‘the sabbath has been fulfilled in Christ, I am free to do whatever on ‘the Lord’s day!’

A question for those who are normative: How do you fence either ideas from morphing more to the left in generations to come? In other words, what do you specifically use to reel in any further change that may be questionable? Is there anything that is truly ‘questionable’? In the normative approach, how do you support not having circus elephants and puppet shows? What do you use when dialoging with the church down the street that uses zip-lines in their worship services?