Instruments in worship?

“Using instruments in worship was not practiced in the Apostolic Church, nor by any example in the New Testament at any time, nor by Christ. This fits the pattern of synagogue worship
which, as James says, we “synagogue” together when we meet (James 2:2). Such meetings comprise prayer, reading the Scriptures, almsgiving, singing of praise, partaking of ordinances, and the like. But there is no music. There are no instruments or orchestras. Throughout the history of the church, this was followed by all good theologians. There is no one of historic significance during the early church, Reformation, or Puritanism of any kind that disagrees with the above line of thought, the ancient typical elements of the temple, and the manner of synagogue worship in the New Testament. Even men of our own day, or close to it at least (Spurgeon, Thornwell, Hodge, etc.) did not employ them under the same
circumstance. To prove the opposite, non-instrumentalists and uninspired hymn advocates need a positive command by God to engage instruments as a generic element of worship. This, though, would beg the question as to the similarity between Temple worship, Tabernacle worship and synagogue/church worship. One must find the elements that run through all of them for all time. Those are the things that remain based on divine command.”

~C. Matthew Mcmahon.