My wife and I met in church. We were wearing the same shirt. We were friends for 7 years prior to our engagement. We were engaged for 7 months-I believe this is much too long. We kissed for the first time when we took our vows. We have been married for 15 years, now.

I travelled across the USA to John MacArthurs church considering the Masters Seminary. While I was out in California, God showed me that Tina was my wife.

God has to be at the center of any marriage. We both have committed to it; in the same way we have committed to God and his law, we commit to this marriage-we see it as a betrothal. Honor each other. respect each other.

Submission is key. To God and each other.

To the men, I would only warn against wandering minds and assaulting of the flesh. If you are practicing both, you are being unfaithful. These are the seeds of failure. Larger sins always start as mustard seeds of sorts. Ask any man who has fallen into adultery and he will surely tell you that he was assaulting his flesh prior to the unfaithfulness.

To the woman, cleave to your man. Pray hard.

So much more could be said, however, the points I make above are integral. Pray over your thought life, deny your flesh. Love each other. Romance each other.