Richard Sibbes (Works, Vol. 2, p. 153):

Beloved . . . . let us hence take a trial of ourselves, what our condition is, whether the words that come from Christ when he speaks in his ministry to us be sweet or not. The word, to some kind of men, is like the northern air, which parcheth and cutteth. Ahab could not endure the breath of Elias, 1 Kings 21.18, seq., nor Herodias the breath of John Baptist, Mark 6.16, nor the Pharisees the breath of Stephen and Paul, Luke 7.44, Acts 22.22. So too many now-a-days cannot endure the breath of divine truth, when it cuts and pierceth. These words are arrows that stick. If they stick not savingly, they stick to killing. If we cannot endure Christ’s breath, we are not his spouse, nor have any communion with him.