For the watching, unbelieving world:

You will find me inconsistent in my faith and practice from time to time. I will let you down. I will at times even anger you. Understand that I am but a frail and feeble creature, struggling though this life. You will, on many occasions, see yourself in me. You will have a hard time distinguishing my character from that which I confess. I am a sinner, falling short of a perfect God. The Lord does understand this; I am only asking you to understand it as well.

Understand that being a Christian is not to say that I am perfect like God is perfect. Don’t confuse the two. In essence, this is exactly why I need Chist! He is perfect. he died in my place for the sin I could not pay for. A single sin condemns us. Consider that. Ultimately, it is not that we sin, continuoulsly; it is the one sin of Adam that condemns us. Belief in Christ and what He accomplished for dreadful creatures is the point and it is because of this that I continue to pursue a holiness and righteousness in Christ. We fight the fight. We run the race solely because of what Christ has done on our behalf. We sacrifice those things that God hates and carry a cross. It is not a perfect life, practically. We make mistakes. But we continue on.

Bear with me as I grow in this grace. Know that my pursuit will always be to be aligned to God’s word. You may see less and less of the world in my actions and if need be, call me to the carpet.

As well, no matter what you do, I may not agree with it, but I will surely love you in light of this disagreement. It is my ultimate prayer that you come to this saving faith as I have. What you may consider a burden is actually freeing.