Why Christians Should NOT Vote:

1. To vote for a candidate is to support the oath of office which they must take.

2. The oath of office swears to defend and uphold the constitution.

3. The constitution is anti-Christian for the following reasons:

a. The constitution says the government derives authority from its people. Scripture says the government derives authority from God. This makes the voice of the people to be a god for the nation, which is blasphemous.

b. The first amendment says that congress cannot prohibit the worship of any religion. The first commandment forbids the worship of any but the one true God. This means that the constitution prohibits Congress from upholding God’s law.

c. The constitution prohibits a religious test for the president. Scripture says that the kings of the earth must submit to Christ or perish, which means they must be Christians. Yet another rejection of scripture and Christ’s authority.

d. The constitution does not acknowledge the existence of God nor the authority of Christ and the scriptures. Jesus said that those who are not for him are against him.

In conclusion, to vote for a presidential candidate is to affirm this blasphemy and betrayal of Christ by our government.

~Colin Pearson