The Duty of the Christian Voter (the Covenanter, 1845)
“Now what is the duty of the moral—the Christian voter? Is it not, clearly, so to cast his vote that he may, as a member of the body politic, throw his weight, not into the scale of vice, but into that of virtue? So as not to add any thing to the energies of irreligion, but, by voting for fearers of God, to employ his power as a voter so as to advance the interests of religion? If he vote for an enemy of Christ, for a profligate, or even for a non-professor who is not chargeable with gross immorality, but is unwilling or ashamed to profess Christ, he casts the mite of his influence into the scale of Christ’s enemies in opposition to his kingdom, and in favour of the opposing kingdom—the kingdom of darkness and sin.”
– From the Covenanter, 1845