Thomas Valentine, one of the Westminster divines writes:

“That Christ being offered to them to deliver them from curse and condemnation, and they wilfully rejecting Him, they aggravate their sins, and bring upon them the condemnation of the gospel; so that the law and the gospel both condemn them, the wrath of God, that formerly was upon them by the sentence of the Law, abides upon them, and new wrath is kindled against them, because they believe not in Christ the Son of God, and so comes the great condemnation oft mentioned, Joh. 3.19. And to set out the cause of man’s misery, take it in this comparison: A man lies sick of a fever, he is told by the physician, unless he bleed or purge, and take other physic, he will die; he is distempered, and will not be ruled, he dies. The question is, what this man died of? I answer: He died of a fever, that was originally the cause of his death. And then in the second place, he died of willfulness, because he would not follow advice. In the great day of judgement men shall be condemned for their disobedience; and next, which is the great aggravation of their sin for infidelity, because they believed not in Christ.”