1. “Songs of Zion” (4th ed.) – Michael Bushell
2. “The Psalms in Worship” – John McNaugher, ed.
3. “The Singing of Psalms in the Worship of God” – G.I. Williamson
4. “Sing the Lord’s Songs: Biblical Psalms in Worship” – John W. Keddie
5. “Singing of Psalms: The Duty of Christians under the New Testament” – Thomas Ford
6. “The True Psalmody; or, The Bible Psalms the Church’s Only Manual of Praise” – Multiple authors, preface by Henry Cooke
7. “A Brief Examination of Exclusive Psalmody” – Brian Schwertley
8. “The Public Worship of God, Its Authority and Modes, Hymns and Hymn Books” — James Gibson
9. “An Apology for the Book of Psalms” – Gilbert McMaster
10. “A Primer on Exclusive Psalmody” — James A. Grier
11. “Singing the Songs of Jesus: Revisiting the Psalms” — Michael LeFebvre
12. “Songs of the Spirit: The Place of Psalms in the Worship of God” — Kenneth Stewart, ed.
13. “150 Questions About the Psalter” — Bradley Johnston
14. “God’s Hymnbook for the Christian Church” — Malcolm Watts


Thanks to R. Andrew Myers