You want to buy Logos?
One of the things that the sales associates of Logos do not convey is that the prog is a power hog. If you are using a standard hard drive without max amount of ram pushing it, you will have bog down issues for sure. When I added the Reformed edition, it would not load properly and took forever to boot. I ended up removing the hard drive and adding back an ssd, which solved the problem. I boot up now in about 12 seconds and Logos runs like it was designed to.

My opinion: If you have an older computer-given that seminary students are not made of money and using an older computer, buying Logos without a fresh machine, you will have issues.

It’s not too hard replacing a standard hard drive in a tower. A lap top is gonna be more of a challenge. I replaced mine in an Imac in about 2 hours.

The cost is reasonable-cheaper than a new tower.