We are studying through the book of Revelation in our Sunday School class. In Rev 2:18, we come to the church @ Thyatira. Christ has some specific problems w/ this church. A female prophetess, ‘Jezebel’ who is advocating for sexual sin, worship of idols and the offering of food to them. He goes on to make mention of their good attributes.

It would seem obvious that this church in question, had a female leading.

It dawned on me that Christ still saw this gathering as a church as He addresses them as such. Given our age and the temperament of the church culture we live in, how do u see such gatherings? Considering Arminian churches, churches that have female pastors, etc? It would seem as if Christ was much more tolerant than we are.

I raised the point in the class that we would have to assume that this church had the 4 marks needed to be called a church, else they wouldn’t even warrant a rebuke.