G. O. S. P. E. L


Many people have asked the question, ‘What is the Gospel’? Some believe it is a message solely of the Cross. Others, a message of relief in a world that is constantly being pressed in under pain and suffering of a sin filled world. Simply, the Gospel is a message of hope. It doesn’t matter if it is the gospel that was ‘first proclaimed to Abraham or that which Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah or Christ preached. All of these gospel presentations were slightly different, given the time-frame, but that all these proclamations includes biblical truth and the central theme of ‘hope’ that Messiah would be a victorious King and redeem His people where they deserved no redemption; it is a message of grace that is immeasurable. The answer to the question is hard to describe fully due to the time and circumstances. Consider the Apostles when they walked with Christ; their message was, ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand’. Fast forward to Peter at Pentecost. Now take the present age and what we describe. They are different, but the same. All of these presentations were centered on the theme that the gospel brings rest. We petition people to repent and ‘cast their burdens on Him’ who is the only one to carry the weight of sin, Christ Jesus.